Hoop Installation FAQ

What’s included in the price?

All materials and labor are included for a normal installation thru soil. This includes all concrete work, leveling and complete system assembly of a new, boxed product. Please note, several wheelbarrows of dirt will be excavated from the ground for the concrete footing. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to find a feasible location on the property for the technician to repurpose the dirt. The installer may assist in finding a suitable location, if necessary. Assembly of aftermarket accessories such as goal lights, airball nets etc are available for an additional fee. Installations can be made through asphalt, concrete or pavers bricks at an additional cost. Please call for specific details.

Why not use the Big Box Stores for Your Installation?

The Big Box Stores are excellent at what they do. They provide a wide assortment of products at very competitive prices. What they don’t do is provide their own installation services. Instead they contract out their installations to one of the many National Service Companies that will install in their area. Universal Service Center LLC Specializes in Basketball Hoop Installations. We are local to the area and do so with highly trained and experienced Installation Professionals. Please read our reviews.

Will you Deliver my hoop for me?

Yes, we will be happy to pick up your basketball system at your local Sporting Goods or Big Box Store for you. We will then professionally install your system at lower prices than the stores can provide. Call or write for a quote. (Delivery is only available when combined with our installation services.)

Can my old system be removed?

YES we can remove and haul away your old system and concrete. Please email a photo and/or contact us for a quote. With an anchor bolt system, we can disassemble, transport and reinstall your hoop at your new home.

How long does the installation take?

This can vary due to weather and workload. Two visits are required. On the first trip the hole is dug and the concrete footing is poured. Allow 3-5 days for the concrete to cure and we will return to complete the assembly and leveling of your system.

What about my sprinkler system or dog fence?

It is the home owner’s responsibility to advise our installers of these possible obstructions. We will repair your dog fence at no additional charge should there be any damage during installation. MOST sprinkler systems can also be repaired at no additional cost if damaged during the installation process. Universal Service Center is the only company in the Chicago Area to provide this important service to its customers.

Which hoop is right for me?

Because we do not sell any product, we can provide an unbiased opinion on which basketball hoop is right for your installation. Please call and one of our specialists will be happy to answer your questions about the many systems available.

Will your installers provide advise on where to locate my system?

In a word, YES. Our experienced installation professionals will assist you in finding the optimum location on your property. The final decision and responsibility for that choice is yours. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your installation concerns and answer your questions.

Who is responsible for locating utility lines?

If you reside in Illinois we will contact  J.U.L.I.E and have your utility lines marked prior to installation. In Wisconsin we will call The Diggers Hotline @ 1-800-242-8511. Please note that some rural locations in Wisconsin may require the homeowner to call.      For our installers safety, all  flags and markings should not be removed until after our initial visit.

What is your installation warranty?

All in-ground installations carry a 3 year warranty on concrete work and 1 year warranty on assembly. Portable units carry a 1 year warranty. This does not cover physical damage, abuse, manufacturing defects or an Act of God. Every system is installed below the frost line for years of trouble free service.

How Can You Pay for your Installation?

We are so confident with our installation teams that we do not require any contract, deposit or progress payments. We do ask upon completion of your project that payment be made in full. We accept Cash, Personal Check, Visa, MasterCard and Discover for your convenience.

Do you install in my area?

We cover the entire Chicago metropolitan area and surrounding suburbs, southeast Wisconsin, Northwest Indiana, Rockford and DeKalb. Additional area coverage may be available. Feel free to contact us for a quote.



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