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This form is for customers who have already been quoted and would like to proceed by placing an order. By filling out this form, you are granting permission for Universal Service Center LLC to contact J.U.L.I.E., Wisconsin Digger’s, or Indiana Digger’s Hotline, for the purpose of marking the public utility lines on your property. Line markings are required by law, prior to starting an excavation project. 

Please fill out all contact information fields. It is important that all information regarding your J.U.L.I.E locate request be complete and accurate. After a successful submission, you will be taken back to the home page.

Private Utility Line Policy

Private lines are not marked by 811. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to inform our installers of these possible obstructions prior to the start of the excavation. Any private lines must be marked or relocated by the homeowner prior to scheduling. Any lines that are not marked or flagged risk being hit. Moving or repairing these lines are the sole responsibility of the homeowner. These lines include but are not limited to underground drainage pipes, private electric lines, gas lines, sprinkler lines. If you know you have a private line in the area, we recommend contacting Blood Hound at 1-888-858-9830 ( prior to scheduling, to prevent potentially costly repairs. Most sprinkler systems can be repaired at no additional cost if damaged during the installation process. We are the only company in the Chicago area to provide this important service to our customers. 

Site Visit Policy

The standard in-ground installation includes two-visits. On occasion, our installers may encounter an underground obstruction preventing installation in the desired location. If our technicians are unable to install during the first visit due to an underground obstruction, a service fee may apply.

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